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IncuHive spaces offer a range of desk space options, from basic small offices to funky open place spaces! The easy in and out option for some where other than the kitchen table to run your business from!
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  • Popular
  • IncuHive Co-Working Desk Spaces From
  • From £139.00
  • Plus VAT Per Month
  • Get out of working in the lonely spare room at home and join the fun community of like minded business people at IncuHive. You will have access to all IncuHive has to offer and help you along the way!
  • Dedicated Desk Space
  • Leased Line Internet
  • All Bills Included
  • Registered Office
  • Access To IncuHive Events
  • 24/7 Smart Card Access

IncuHive Space Desk Rental...

IncuHive Spaces provide a range of desk space rental options with no deposits and a simple 1 month contract for rental. We do not provide hourly/daily rental options.

Desk spaces include our post box rental service for registered office use and access to in-house mentoring to complete investment packages and dedicated offices spaces for your growing team when needed!

All desks include 13amp power sockets, which are desk mounted, making it easy to plug in as needed. They also include a single dedicated 100mbit Ethernet connection so you can get online via our superfast leased line internet. WiFi is also available across all desk rental spaces. You will have 24/7 access and all bills are included, it’s a simple process to get in and get working!

We provide a chair with every desk but desk users are welcome to bring their own should they wish. Each desk includes drawers and a cupboard. You are more than welcome to setup your desktop computer, printer etc and leave in place, after all the desk is dedicated to you.

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our photography and video studios to bookkeeping, web development and our engineering “fab labs” for product development and design.

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