A selection of IncuHive spaces include IncuLabs, fab lab maker space spaces to tinker and build anything and everything. From metal working and laser cutting to 3D printing and electronics development.
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  • Exclusive
  • IncuLab Engineering Fab Labs
  • From £60.00
  • Per Month
  • From £60 you can access an IncuLab! We offer a range of options from ad-hoc use to dedicated fab lab work space! Everything you need for building prototypes, small batch production or just a bit of tinkering!
  • Lathes, Mills & a Range of Tools
  • Welding Facilities
  • 3D Printing & Designs
  • Dedicated Engineering Work-spaces
  • Engineering Expert Sevices
  • CAD/CAM Design Facilities
  • 24/7 Access & Machine Booking
  • Book The Room Now

IncuLab Fab Lab Facilities...

Certain IncuHive Spaces also feature our IncuLab spaces, which provide a range of engineering facilities and machinery for use by IncuLab members. The spaces provide dedicated “workbench” areas or are available on an ad-hoc machine booking basis.

Our IncuLab spaces all feature a range of engineering facilities, from metal and woodworking lathes, mills and saws to CAD/CAM design studios, 3D printing and electronics workbenches. These spaces offer full scale large industrial engineering capabilities, often not found in traditional “fab labs”.

IncuLabs are open to the general public and those already members of an IncuHive Space. We have a strict training programme which must be passed before you will be able to use machinery within the lab space. After this you will be able to book machinery on an ad-hoc basis of use it freely if you take up a workbench rental package with the lab.

We also have a range of engineering experts on site to offer help and support, or simply outsource your project to the team and they can manufacture prototypes etc for you (for a fee obviously!) All IncuLab spaces are accessed via secure 24/7 smartcard systems and feature bright daylight balanced LED lighting. IncuHive Spaces have CCTV across studio spaces to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all.

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our post box rental service for registered office use, to bookkeeping, web development and a range of desk and office rental options as your business grows!

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