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IncuHive spaces offer a wide range of dedicated offices spaces. All spaces are fully inclusive of bills & internet and offer easy in and out terms with no long contracts to worry about.
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  • Exclusive
  • Dedicated Private Office Spaces
  • From £295
  • Per Month
  • IncuHive Spaces offer a wide range of dedicated office spaces. Available furnished or unfurnished and you are welcome to decorate as you see fit. All office spaces have the common features listed below.
  • Dedicated Private Office Space
  • Leased Line Internet
  • Registered Office Address
  • All Bills Included
  • Access to IncuHive Events
  • 24/7 Smart Card Acess
  • Secure On-Site Parking
  • Check Available Offices

IncuHive Spaces...

IncuHive Spaces provide a range of private office space rental options with no deposits and a simple 1 month contract for rental. From single person offices to large multi room office spaces for entire teams, we have them all covered at IncuHive Spaces. Discounts are available for longer office rentals, as we do like a deal here at IncuHive!

Office spaces include our post box rental service for registered office use and access to in-house mentoring to complete investment packages and dedicated offices spaces for your growing team when needed!

All offices include 13amp power sockets, smart electric heating system and a single dedicated 100mbit Ethernet connection in each room so you can get online via our superfast leased line internet. WiFi is also available across the buildings. You will have 24/7 access and all bills are included, it’s a simple process to get in and get working!

Offices are accessed via secure 24/7 smartcard systems and feature bright daylight balanced LED lighting. IncuHive Spaces have CCTV across communal and external areas to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all. We can provide furnished office spaces or leave it to you to kit out as your see fit. You are more than welcome to decorate, paint and make it your own also!

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our photography and video studios to bookkeeping, web development and our engineering “fab labs” for product development and design.

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