About Us
IncuHive, what we do, who we are and why we want to change the way small businesses start and work!
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IncuHive are business incubation co-working spaces with a twist.
IncuHive is the brainchild of Steve Northam, a prolific serial entrepreneur based in Winchester, Hampshire. IncuHive Spaces offer business incubation and co-working centres with a creative twist, providing mentoring, investment, office space, networking and a whole host more.

In partnership with Mike Worley and the Rolwey Group, Steve was able to develop the first IncuHive Space in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, in 2015. Steve refurbished, branded, developed and built the first IncuHive space on his own taking 6 months and 6 figures to complete! We now have a range of IncuHive Spaces rolling out around the UK (thankfully Steve isn’t doing all of these on his own!)

IncuHive Spaces are open to an unrestrained demographic, IncuHive seeks to launch the next generation of businesses across all spectrums and backgrounds. College leavers, University students and graduates or those already in the workplace looking for a change of direction; IncuHive is open to everyone.

IncuHive provides a range of services to help kick start a business into profitability, from basic one to one mentoring to complete investment acceleration programs. Alongside, the start-ups can take advantage of our in-house accounting, payroll, legal, web development and much more at affordable prices exclusive to IncuHive clients.

IncuHive is a business incubator at heart, although we provide a range of affordable offices space for rental to anyone interested. This said, our aim is not to fill rooms with clients, but to create a diverse and innovative business community. This is the real benefit from working in IncuHive; the buzz and excitement of the people around you. As is often said, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and we have the mix of people who will really help launch and push your business to the next level.

We look forward to welcoming you to a space near you!

The IncuHive Group Board of Directors

steveheadshot About IncuHive
Steve splits his time between his role as Senior Lecturer in Business Management at the University of Winchester and as mentor/investor with his company SN Technologies Limited, operating a wide range of business across a diverse range of sectors including IncuHive itself and BioTeq to name one! Steve is the creator and director of The IncuHive Group and oversees all IncuHive developments and activities.


Steven Northam Chief Executive Officer

georgehead About IncuHive
George has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work for himself. He spent nine years in London working in the property industry. At 30 he left London and co-founded Kiss Gyms, a low cost award-winning gym chain. George also bought and redeveloped a Pub, Restaurant and Hotel once famously owned by Keith Floyd in Totnes, Devon. George heads up operations as part of Team IncuHive!


George Scott-Welsh Chief Operating Officer

mikehead About IncuHive
Mike is the owner and director of Rolwey Group, who specialise in the design, manufacture and sourcing of mechanical engineering components for all areas of industry. A broad knowledge and experience in the challenges of running a successful SME including strategic planning, acquisitions, business growth (Organic and through diversification). Mike plays a vital role in Team IncuHive offering business support.


Mike Worley Company Chairman

johead About IncuHive
Jo is a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience in the financial directorship arena. Jo holds an MBA and has worked for large public sector oganisations in a Financial Director role, including Centrica and the NHS. Jo looks after everything money and finances wise for Team IncuHive, and keep us all in check! Jo also owns her own soap company (The Winchester Soap Company) and is a trained florist!


Joanne Brinton Finance Director

The IncuHive Support Team

beccasmall About IncuHive
Becca is site Director for Chandlers Ford along side running her own IncuHive invested start-up The Buzz Bureau, who provide bespoke packages for Bookkeeping and Virtual Administrative Assistance, including Bank Reconciliation, Credit Control, VAT Returns, Proofreading and help with compiling documents. We are a fun and flexible company, with competitive rates, specializing in helping start-ups and small businesses keep on top of their accounts and admin.


Becca Bell IncuHive Chandlers Ford Site Director

gubb About IncuHive
Phoebe is all things Social Media and marketing here at IncuHive. She manages all the wonderful things we post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! On the side she also runs Pennygurls, an Instagram community encouraging girls to skateboard. She is finishing off a degree in Business Innovation at Winchester University and is currently specialising in people and leadership. Expect high energy levels and a positive outlook, Phoebe is a superstar!


Phoebe Gubb Social Media Marketing