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Open an IncuHive space in your building or simply look at running a franchise space with us! With a range of benefits over simply space rental IncuHive provides a complete solution.

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Let's Do This.

Why should you open an IncuHive Space with us?
IncuHive are looking to expand and team up with like-minded people around the UK looking to support and develop new entrepreneurial ideas. Would you be interested in seeing an IncuHive space where you are? Maybe we can help!

Do you own a building?

We are looking for owners of freehold property which might suit being turned into an IncuHive Space. From office spaces, commercial shops and warehouses to outdoor storage land and old farm buildings, we can turn any space into an IncuHive Space!

Why would I convert my building to an IncuHive Space? There are a few answers to this..

1. You will generate a much higher return in comparisons to simply renting a building to a single client.
2. You will be part of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and having a wide impact on your local economy (not to mention the wider economic performance of the UK) and..
3. It will be bloody good fun, and best of all we can set it up and manage it all for you if preferred!

Are you an educational institution?

We can provide you with a range of opportunities both on your own site to develop student based business incubation services and spaces alongside offering a range of collaborative schemes with IncuHive. If you are looking to increase your student enterprise and employability levels we can certainly help! From school to University level we run a range of programmes and partnership options.

Are you a local council?

Looking to provide business support services? Wanting to provide business start-up and co-working space to keep small business in the area? We can help with a range of services offering business support right up to complete development and management of business hubs and workspaces for the local community.

Are you a budding entrepreneur who might run an IncuHive?

If you think you fit the bill to run and IncuHive space? We would certainly love to hear from you!
Kick Start Your IncuHive Space Today
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