Member of the Month - Gregory White

Member of the Month - Gregory White

Find out what Drop the Mask Productions CIC's ethos is and how they support communities.

"We are an IT and Media company called ‘Drop the Mask Productions CIC. The name is in relation to mental health and being able to be in a working environment that allows you to be yourself."

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey to date

The journey started in December 2019 at the age of 53.
I suffered severe mental health for decades. I recovered to a stage in 2019 that allowed me to go to Winchester University in August 2019 to study a part-time MA in Digital Media Practice.
I suffered from dissociation, paranoia and severe depression. But over 40 years I always learnt as much as I could in my own time and my own way. I was always a different type of thinker but thought it was because I was not very bright.
So, to be seen as an entrepreneur is a bit of a shock.

What is your business about, what services do you offer?

The business is a social enterprise CIC (Community Interest Company) a not-for-profit organisation that sits somewhere between a private and a charity. Our profits go back into the community to help groups, charities, and individuals.
We are an IT and Media company called ‘Drop the Mask Productions CIC. The name is in relation to mental health and being able to be in a working environment that allows you to be yourself.
Our services are web design and hosting, networking, 365 setup and support, remote support, PC sales and bespoke builds. We produce CRMs from scratch for small companies and sole traders. We create training packages for many IT and Media processes and software.
For Media we design logos, print, posters, flyers etc. We take photography and create video from live content and stock, and design animated videos. We film, edit, produce, and direct documentaries and films. We host zoom conferencing using AI to produce live sub-titles and interactive experiences.

What would you say is unique about your business?

We concentrate on supplying, creating, and supporting IT and Media in the third sector. We have an inclusive ethos and employ persons with all kinds of mental and physical health and enjoy seeing the amazing creative talents and differences that that produces. We tell private companies that they spend their money twice with us, the second spend is when our profit goes back into supporting communities.

How has Incuhive helped you to achieve more success? 

From January 2020 when we rented our first office space with Incuhive in Chandlers Ford, Incuhive have been amazingly supportive. In the 18 months since we started as a company we have grown from myself and a part-time videographer to a company now employing 15 people. The flexibility through the pandemic from Incuhive has helped us to support our growth, we have been able to rent three offices and an open plan area within the same building. Incuhive are always there to discuss any support or help we may need.

What are your top three tips in business?

Honesty, Flexibility and Collaboration.

What would you like remembered about you?

Personally, I am not bothered, but the company remembered as being amazingly collaborative and supportive of helping many people with mental and physical differences.

What would be your super power?


Eszter Miskolczy

Written by : Eszter Miskolczy