The Buzz will be charting the weird and wonderful world of our whacky CEO and his adventures running our great company.

Steve_photo Adventures with our CEO

Steve Northam created IncuHive 6 years ago whilst working as a lecturer at The Business School at Winchester University. His alumni, wanting to launch their own businesses after graduating, found a distinct lack of support locally to help them on their entrepreneurial journey. Steve took on the challenge of helping these student businesses and created IncuHive as a fun workspace to house the businesses he’d invested in. Fast Forward to 2021, Steve is still lecturing part time for the Uni, still supporting student businesses and IncuHive has 9 sites where that help and support dominates our work in the wider business community to the many small businesses and start-ups in the region.
As this column will chart, Steve is pretty out there and epitomises the eccentric Englishman. He likes nothing more than buying an 8 tonne armoured vehicle, fitting a gun turret to the top, with the intention of taking his kids to school in it……just for shits and giggles. You can follow him on his YouTube channel