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Hursley member Carverter on TV!
Carverter helps people switch to greener cars sooner, reducing their C0 2 emissions by 20%* and you may have spotted their ads on TV over the past few weeks.
Petrol and diesel road transport emissions contribute to 40,000 UK deaths a year and 20% of total CO2 production. New hybrid and electric vehicle technology can significantly reduce these harmful pollutants. Carverter makes it easier for people to switch to this new, lower emission technology, sooner.
* Based on an average UK car user switching to an electric vehicle and using a renewable-energy electricity supplier.
If you would like to ‘go greener sooner’ visit the Carverter website at: to find out more.


Upcoming IncuHive sites

We are excited to announce that we have secured a new site in Weybridge. The lease was signed at the end of July and we are looking forward to launching later in the year.
The address is: Marlborough House, 68 High Street, Weybridge. We can’t wait to create our newest IncuHive site in this fabulous town in Surrey.

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Andover launch
Our Andover site is opening on the 16th of August, offering on-site offices, desk rental, virtual offices and ad-hoc work space alongside our mix of business support, networking and general fun and games. A great affordable space full of buzzing entrepreneurs. This site also features a huge photography and video studio and Fab Lab space, with a range of new “creative artist pods”.

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Our latest site, in Brockenhurst, is just about to officially open and the first few members have already moved in! As with every IncuHive site, it offers a large range of offices and desk rental and has the advantage of being right in the heart of the New Forest.

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