IncuHive Stockbridge offers co-working and business incubation services in the heart of the Hampshire countryside! The site provides all the normal IncuHive services in a stunning quiet rural location.
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Welcome To IncuHive Stockbridge

IncuHive Stockbridge provides a range of virtual office, membership, desk space rental, office and meeting room options with a simple 1 month contract for rental. Co-working in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, a short drive from Stockbridge.

IncuHive Stockbridge also provides a range of mentoring and business support services to help you kick start your new business!

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our photography and video studios to bookkeeping, web development and our engineering “fab labs” for product development and design

This site is currently in development, see example photos and video of our Southampton site for reference

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Finding IncuHive Stockbridge

IncuHive Stockbridge is situated a short drive from the centre of Stockbridge, in a rural location with a range of barn conversions, outside space and plenty of onsite parking. As with all our spaces we are open 24/7, however if you are a non-member you will need to contact us to arrange a visit in person.

The IncuHive Space
Nine Mile Farm
Stockbridge, Nether Wallop
SO20 8DR

0800 689 3564

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