IncuHive Weybridge offers co-working, dedicated offices and business incubation services just off the High Street. The site provides all the normal IncuHive services across a range of business units and shared spaces.

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Welcome To IncuHive Weybridge

IncuHive Weybridge provides a range of virtual office, membership, desk space rental, office and meeting room options with a simple 1-month contract for rental. Co-working in the heart of Weybridge, just off the High Street.

IncuHive Weybridge also provides a range of mentoring and business support services to help you kick start your new business!

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our photography and video studios to bookkeeping, web development and our engineering “fab labs” for product development and design

This site is open but brand new and awaiting video/photos, see example photos and video of our Southampton site for reference

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Finding IncuHive Weybridge

IncuHive Weybridge is centrally situated, just above Waitrose. The site also offers onsite parking for office renters. As with all our spaces we are open 24/7, however if you are a non-member you will need to contact us to arrange a visit in person.

The IncuHive Space
68 High Street
KT13 8BL

0800 689 3564

Find us with What3Words: loser.again.learns

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Available IncuHive Offices - Weybridge

Weybridge Virtual Office Space
£ 39 Available To Rent
Kick start your membership with IncuHive using our virtual office space service! Register your business, advertise the address and off you go!
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Weybridge Dedicated Desk Space
£ 169 Available To Rent
Dedicated Desk at £139 plus VAT per month
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Weybridge Office Space
£ 1,395 Sold
Office 01, 8-10 person serviced office in the town centre.
More Details 
Weybridge Office Space
£ 995 Sold
Office 02, 8 people serviced office in the town centre.
More Details 
Weybridge Office Space
£ 795 Sold
Office 03, 6 people serviced office in the town centre.
More Details 
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